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1 year old scene bugs

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  • 1 year old scene bugs

    Hello Andrey,

    I've reopend a scene which is about a year old and I'm getting some weird bugs. The first one being, excluding objects in lights doesn't work anymore. The other one is if I have an object with an emitter material and a FstormLight in the scene one of them can not interact with the atmosphere feature. If I turn on one light the other stops working and the other way around.

    I've already tried merging the scene into a new one and also importing only one object into a new scene but then the same thing happens. It looks like something is happening in the materials.

    Is there a way to fix this?


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    Never mind about the atmosphere problem, it seems that when one light in the scene is very bright the other lights don't show up in the atmosphere. I don't understand why this is, Relative Power Clamp is turned off. The object excluding issue still persists.


    - An issue that is still persistent in the current version, when including an object in an emissive material and Direct Lighting is on the material preview shows no light emitting. (works normally though in RT mode)
    - In my old scene this causes normal FstormLights to emit no light at all!
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      You have to increase light samples.


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        Light samples are set to 16. That's 4 times the default, should be enough, correct?

        I'm still unable to fix the Excluding issue.


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          [QUOTE=Tok Tok;n12091
          I'm still unable to fix the Excluding issue. [/QUOTE]

          Please show a screenshot


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            Never mind, I worked around it by rendering different passes and combining them in photoshop. This was probably less work than finding a solution.