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Beauty pass with glare

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  • Beauty pass with glare

    Hello Andrey,

    I would like to request a beauty pass as a render element where Glare is option to turn on. Atm when I have a Glare pass I cannot view the final result in the RT window. I have to turn off the Render Elements to view the render with Glare effect, but sometimes I forget to turn it off when I'm doing the final render for compositing. Having a separate Beauty pass with and option to turn on/off Glare solves the issue.



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    Why do you use separate glare pass if you want to have it in beauty pass?


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      Because when I'm working on a scene I want to have a complete preview of the render, including the glare effect. But when I see a complete beauty pass I cannot save render elements because they are turned off. It's a convenience thing which I use when working with corona. They have a separate beauty pass with an option to turn on glare.

      At the risk of overstating myself, I composite all passes in photoshop and want to do color corrections on the beauty pass but not the glare pass.