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Crash on 3 graphic cards

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  • Crash on 3 graphic cards


    I'm switching from Corona to Fstorm for interior renders and I've build a new computer for GPU rendering. This system has 3 1070ti's to render with but the problem is that when I use all three of them 3ds max crashes very ofter (it does not happen when steady rendering, so it's not a power problem). This happens especially we I use interactive rending and change a texture in a material. Whenever I take a Graphics card out or disable it in the GPU manager everything works fine. I also tried replacing one the cards with an 1080ti but the same thing happens.

    Has anybody had the same problem?

    Thanks, would be very helpful!


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    What fstorm version do you use?


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      I'm using V1.2.7B

      I forgot to mention that the motherboard that I'm using is a bit old, it's this one:
      So maybe it is not equipped to handle more than two graphics cards? Although the description says it can handle 4 cards (one of them should be quadro card, I have no idea why that is).


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        did you try to switch off different cards? may be just one of them has some issues and it is not about cards number.


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          Yes, I've even took out different cards and put them in different PCIe slots. The crashes only happen when there are three cards slotted. The motherboard should be able to handle this right? I mean, I was planning to populate all the PCIe slots with cards eventually, hope that's possible..


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            I think I've figured it out. I reinstalled windows because I was using a drive from another computer with a different motherboard and that messed thing up apparently. I haven't had any crashes with a few tests, so far so good. Thank you for your time though.