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Light intesity in scene changing

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  • Light intesity in scene changing


    I'm having trouble with an animated scene. Until frame 130 the light intensity is normal, but on 131 it drops slightly. I've tried to figure out what this could be and checked everything but no luck. Then I tried rendering the scene on another computer with only 1 GPU (my main workstation has 7) and there the light stayed normal. So the error must be in my main workstation. The GPU error log does not say anything, how can I solve this?

    btw I have multiple light setups in one file for different camera views and they all show the same problem, at f130 the light intensity drops slightly.

    I need help with this to finish the project.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I finally found the problem. There was a light emitting mesh in the scene that was affecting all the rest of the lights. The material of this mesh was animated and when it turned on for some reason, it changed the light intensity of the whole scene. It might have something to do with Glare but I'm not sure. The mesh with the light is small and not in view of the camera but somehow it's affecting the rest of the scene. It think this is some sort of bug and should be looked at.

    Edit: what's also weird is that on my other system I didn't have this problem. Same version of Max but older version of Fstorm (1.3.0d). On my workstation it's 1.3.3e.
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