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Render based on noise and not samples?

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  • Render based on noise and not samples?

    Not sure this has been addressed before, can you render based on noise threshold only? I cant seem to get it to work if so.
    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Just set more samples (10000-100000).


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      Ive set up an animation and I only need to have a maximum noise level of 0.02 - 0.03 per frame.. which to setup one frame is fine,, roughly 2000 samples for this particular scene but 560 frames all needing slightly different samples to achieve the 0.02 to 0.03 noise level. I was wondering if you can set the renderer to keep rendering until .02 noise level is achieved instead of relying on a fixed sample number.


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        Semples get skipped much faster in noise is close to the threshold. Just set desired noise threshold and enough samples number to clean most noisy areas.


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          Hmm , doesnt seem to stop rendering at my desired noise threshold. Ive attached a screenshot of my settings. With those settings the renderer did all 5000 samples with a end noise level of 0.016

          Edit 1: Hmm ok, so its not an exact thing the noise threshold. If I set it to .1 it will get me closer to my desired .02 noise level. . but it still runs through the 5000 samples even if I set the min at 40%

          Edit 2: another frame set a .2 threshold finishes with 5000 samples and .012 noise level with 40% min samples set .. not to sure I understand now..

          Edit 3: Ohhhh i see now, its jumps to your set max samples regardless if it reaches near the threshold . So its safe to ignore the end sample count.. might be interesting to note the exact samples it took when it reached the threshold or near it i should say.
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            Don't set min samples to that high number. It means it renders 5000x50% = 2500 samples no matter what noise level is. Just switch it off as default.
            Min samples is used to estimate initial noise level. It doesn't require high number. If you set min samples to 100%, then you just switch off adaptive sampling.


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              Ohh ok , i get it, thanks for the guidance!