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  • 2018-2019 work results
    | 2018-2019 work results

    A short review of FStorm development during 2018-2019 year period.

  • 3ds max 2020 is supported
    | 3ds max 2020 is supported

    3ds max 2020 is now officially supported.
    Please feel free to download.

  • Past year work result
    | Past year work result

    Lets make a short review of FStorm development results during past year.
    Just to be sure nobody misses any new features.

  • Past 2 months work result
    | Past 2 months work result
  • Shadow Catcher (Matte)
    | Shadow Catcher (Matte)

    Shadow Catcher (Matte) is implemented. FStorm shadow catcher takes into account initial material settings and works even with glossy reflections.

  • Render Elements
    | Render Elements

    From now FStormRender supports render elements: 
    beauty, materials, objects, zdepth, normals, coordinates, ambient occlusion, wire, edges. 
    There will be more in the future.

  • Commercial release
    | Commercial release

    Commercial release is out. Higher rendering speed, better memory management and many new features just for 20€.

  • Displacement
    | Displacement

    FStormRender supports displacement technology. FStorm displacement doesn't do geometry tessellation and uses very few gpu memory.

  • CUDA 8.0
    | CUDA 8.0

    FStormRender is based on CUDA 8.0. GTX 10xx series is officially supported.

  • Motion blur
    | Motion blur

    Motion blur is fully supported. It works with position transformation and object deformation.