FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.3.0d
Changes: FStorm network rendering. 
Bug fixes: Network rendering doesn't work with production render. Network rendering crash. Incorrect network rendering RT logging. Crash if FStormSun is deleted. Atmosphere absorption doesn't affect environment. Scene conversion issues.
Render slave requires full license at the moment. There will be a special network license in the future.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.11c
Changes: FStorm atmosphere, Extra matte shadow option, Improved bump mapping, Sun light exclude list,  Sun light tints for sun and sky colors, Corona renderer triplanar converting, Corona renderer uvw randomizer converting, License state notification in RT window in case of errors
Bug fixes:  Incorrect alpha with atmosphere, Incorrect camera visibility with AO pass, Broken triplanar bump mapping.
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.10a
Changes: Diffuse velvet parameter,  Bitmap triplanar mapping,  Optimized circular and chips noise textures,  "pbr" glossy scale for compatibility,  Increased minimum glossy effect.
Bug fixes: Crash on 3ds max 2019.3 update, Random Forest Pack crash, incorrect 3ds max 2018 material emission slot behavior, random gpu errors, broken portals orientation, incorrect UI elements placement in GPU manager.
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.9d
Changes: GPU loading optimization, rendering speedup 5-20%, Material transit option working as exclude for grey material mode,  Forest pack override material support, Particles motion blur, Scene converter option for selection only.
Bug fixes: Incorrect FB zooming center, Incorrect render elements settings update, Multitexture crash with more than 16 slots.
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.8a
Changes: FStorm frame buffer build-in tone mapping, Sss/fog rendering rework with speed up,  Copying FStorm frame buffer to clipboard,  
 Render time limit,  Increase FStormMultiTexture limit from 16 to 32,  Vrayfastsss2 conversion.
Bug fixes: Material editor crash if no license.
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.7b
Changes: Light include/exclude list affects gi / reflections / refractions; z-depth pass invert option; hidden FStorm Sun keeps shining.
Bug fixes: Incorrect multimatte element rendering, unnecessary render restart during tonemapping and other changes in some cases, bump mapping artifacts,  crash while using displacement with bitmap texture and output enabled
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.6c
Changes: RT optical zoom; Crop and blowup region render support; Bitmap, Falloff, Mix and Noise textures output support.
Bug fixes: random crash, random texture output reset.
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.5f
Changes: Multi matte render element, uvw render element, material transit option for render elements (visibility in glasses, mirrors and so on), DOF f-number support, GeoPattern real world mapping option,  allowing several render elements with the same type but different settings, using 3ds max settings for active render viewport in RT, stop animation rendering in case of gpu errors, material id channel render element, texture render element
Bug fixes: base fstorm material doesn't save emission exlude list, crash in case of render element + rounded edges use, texture render element with bitmap texture crash, emission/bump map slots swap for some old scenes, shell material conversion crash, incorrect VRay HDRI texture conversion, broken Materials and Objects render elements, broken multiple importance sampling
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.2.4h
Changes: FStorm GeoPattern, light source include/exclude, 3ds max 2019 support.
Bug fixes: glare crash on hight resolutions, GeoPattern crash with incorrect geometry, incorrect rounded edges shading, SSS shading crash, RT closing crash, Incorrect dirt texture shadows, Incorrect gradien texture bump
FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.1.10a
Changes: new temperature colors, multiple bitmaps loading to multi texture, speed up geometry compilation in case of many objects, horizon line for fstorm camera, secure license server connection.
Bug fixes: slow 3ds max scene parsing.